Believe In The Little Things

I like to ‘fill my karma cup’ up as much as I can.

My husband is about tired of hearing, ” karma cup!! KARMA CUP!!!” as he ignores merging guidelines and forces his way through traffic.

It seems that what you send around really does come back around your way. Perhaps I am more attuned to noticing it when its positive, but when a stranger stops to compliment my shoes / offers to assist me with my four grocery bags full of bananas / allows me to cut in traffic when I seem to need it most, I feel vindicated for past good-doings. No, I am not saying I expect to be ‘paid back’ for everything I do. Rather I find joy helping others knowing that when I need it most, though I may not even know it, Karma steps in.

I certainly throw my share of nasty adjectives at other drivers on the road sometimes… and I sense the repercussions of that as well… When I’m late to a meeting and its totally because that O-must-be-a-cool-guy-to-not-let-me-through-grid-lock sedan blocked me (not because I’m habitually late), my mind darts around over the past week to all my wrong-doings. I didn’t let that pedestrian cross the street / I left no tip at the bakeshop / I could have helped that woman to her car / ……………

So I try as often as I remember to call the number on the utility truck and pay that driver a compliment; I’ve surprised more than a few call center employees with that one. I tip as often as I can (delivery folk / baristas / etc ) and always tip more than 20% when eating ; the only way to really botch that is to be excessively short or rude. So when I saw this ad for a free futon on craigslist I sent him an email telling him he was awesome lol


Awesome(ly Terrible) Black Futon Mattress (South Arlington)

Date: 2012-09-05, 9:13PM EDT
Reply to this post [Errors when replying to ads?]


Need a bed for your horse sized dog/starter for your bonfire/bedding for your unwanted house guest that you grudgingly agreed to put up but secretly want to suffer like shit so they leave as soon as possible?? Take my free, standard sized, black futon mattress! I slept on the thing for ohhh, six months straight and could feel every rail and rod that held my shitty futon frame together. If there had been a pea under there I would’ve felt that too and could’ve had a damn children’s book written about me. Alas, I’ll just have to dream about ruling my minions while hunched over the sink eating 711 taquitos like a criminal. But you don’t care about that, you’re all like “Give me the deets of the free shit, you wordy hooker!” Ok, ok, no need to get all impatient huffy pants. . goes. . ..

• Free!
• Futon mattress
• Black
• Standard size
• Are you a playa that wants that ho gone once you’ve had your way? No one wants to sleep over on this! Once they leave you can make your way back to the coziness
of your own bed!
• The only murders that have taken place on it are the late night, drunken demolishing of Mario’s Pizza. (Don’t judge, 24 hours yo!)
• Possibly inhabited by the ghost of the ex that I inherited it from.
• No weird smells or stains.
• Dog and cat hair add character and make you seem like a compassionate individual. “I LOVE animals! I foster homeless ones!” I’m willing to vacuum the hell outta this shiz
if you are willing to bring me a six pack of bud light or a shitty mixed CD in exchange. (No country!)
• You must pick up and help me carry from my front room to your car/truck/pack mule. (I have weak girly arms.)
• No taquito crumbs.

If you plan on murdering me, please don’t reply



I love craigslist – just reading random posts makes my day