Monkeys in the House!

In conjunction with my -bendy body- challenge, I am going to join my sister in a “Banana Island”-esque challenge.

She is coming off of a TEN day juice fast after a recent vacation loading up -her body- in Puerto Rico with pleasures ūüėČ … She knew she would do it though and she ordered her juicer online to be delivered while she was away. She is eager to transition slowly back into better foods and wants to return to a high-RAW diet.

It was a slippery slope, it seems, for me. After our first thirty days RAW, I attempted THREE more times To maintain a 100% RAW diet…Failing each time after only a few days… Was it just ambition to complete the initial challenge that kept me going? …I began maintaining a ‘high-raw’ diet – about 90% – allowing one meal every other day to be non-raw. That one non-raw vegan meal morphed into a meal every other day and a snack in between. Then it really just fell apart and I’ve been struggling ever since.

I feel FAT. I look TIRED. My energy ZAPPED; I have resorted to coffee in the evenings. JOY is fleeting and giving way to IRRITATION.
^ 75% of that COULD also be attributed to my eight month olds fifth tooth coming in… But I digress

So! We will be making a change again!
I don’t know that either of us has a duration in mind just yet but we will try out best to MONO eat and be RAW once more in the next few days. We’ve bought one 40 pound case of bananas (100 count) already and I think I’ll order another today so we can ripen them in preparation.

Two weeks ? One month? Or longer

To be… oorrrr not to be in secret….

I’ve touched on the fact that I have a hard time dealing with the wave of emotions that overcome me when I envision becoming 100% RAW…¬†for¬†life… ¬†I do almost certainly believe that it could be the most¬†beneficial¬†diet for health. ¬†Restate that… Physical Health.

But what is physical health without mental well-being? ¬†Can there even be physical health without mental well being? ¬†Depression or anxiety can cause physical symptoms, right? ¬†If I indulge¬†in a cooked ingredient (or meal?), am I¬†sabotaging¬†my diet or could I possibly be promoting it? ¬†I certainly applaud people who commit themselves seemingly on a whim to a RAW lifestyle 100%. ¬†I wonder who those people were before RAW? ¬†Is it possible for someone who loves so many different cuisines to be without them forever? ¬†Or are these extremists from the start; people who’ve doused eggs/meat/birthday cake in ketchup all their lives?¬†

I’m new at this. ¬†Perhaps still honey-mooning. But it¬†isn’t¬†all that bad. ¬†That said, my sister and I are allowing wine (technically RAW?), coffee (we know… not RAW… but with raw honey and raw homemade almond milk ūüôā ) and we’ve decided not to stress about¬†minuscule¬†amounts of ingredients like Maple syrup / dried spices / etc…sooo… 99% RAW? ¬†Its just¬†awkward¬†to say that though. ¬†I’ve been in a handful of dining situations now with¬†people¬†who¬†haven’t¬†the slightest that I’m going RAW and I’ve often wondered how¬†I’d describe¬†exactly¬†what it is we’re doing….

“I’ve gone RAW! …. dietary explanation as I sip my coffee….”

“But you know…”

-_- “I have children. Active children”¬†

“so you allow A, B, and C?”¬†

“well, yes….”

“You’re planning on doing this forever?”

“well, no….”

“So, really you’re on a diet.”


Personally I am going to aim for a high raw diet for well into the future. ¬†I am not going to attempt to become vegan either – sorry to all my vegans (!)- … Although, from what I’ve read it could be a slippery slope… Once you remove things from your regular diet, your body is bound to react when its reintroduced. ¬†That scares me…¬†

Back to my fruit, raw brownies, and just-made sangria… Cheers!