Becoming AWESOME

I want to be awesome.

Wether that’s to my husband and children or to a community….

I want to be a person that they say,
‘Oh her?’
‘Yea she’s awesome, isn’t she!’
‘She created this from the ground up!’

I want to fulfill a purpose. Sometimes my purpose involves going back to school. At times my calling seems to be just to work my butt off to pay for what the future may hold. And yet at other times, I swear I’m being called to draft a few like minded friends to drop everything, take up farming and live communally….

I feel like I need a plan. A plan to be awesome!

Is there anyone who can say they successfully balance all their ‘purposes’? Give focus to one goal and it always seems to eventually lead to slack with another goal. Do successful people learn how to leave bits of the goal buffet off their plates?

The Man loves to tell me everyone feels conflicted in their twenties…
I’m hoping that it’s a growing thing too…
If I continue to force upon myself competing achievements that one day I’ll magically have them all under my belt with hands to spare…
Like by 30. I think 30 is going to be an awesome year. And I’m just going to keep that envisioned awesome mojo going until it happens!


8 thoughts on “Becoming AWESOME

  1. I’m lost whether or not you want to be awesome or successful. Not everyone is going to like you, and being awesome is a title not just given from others but from yourself. So you’re practically awesome already, Focus on keeping a positive support system to fall back on, and surround yourself with love and you’ll be awesome. If you want to be successful, that’s another story….

    • I am awesome 😉 I just want everyone to know it and my family to declare it a little more often….

      Success is similar to awesomeness … you determine if you’ve been successful since you are who has set the standard, yes?
      My successful is very different from your successful, for instance… I hardly think you’d qualify your life as successful in the same way as I do…

      Thanks for your encouragement and validation 😉

  2. I’m 31 and I’ve learned that sometimes you’ve got to let things from the goal buffet stay off our plates. It’s a buffet! And all-you-can-eat at that! You can always go back and sample some more later.

    I think that’s just the give and take of life. Sometimes you’re called to follow through with one goal. Other times you’re called to pay attention to another. Sometimes they all come into balance. Sometimes they never do. Sometimes things you once thought belonged on that plate end up being replaced because you realize after a healthy dose that you really don’t like it after all. My dreams have changed a good deal in the past year alone. I’ve realized some of the things I was striving for no longer serve me, but others definitely still call my attention and I’m that much more driven.

    Finally, being awesome? I’d like to think I am. There are a lot of people who don’t like me out of jealousy or their own personal biases, but for the most part I hear how incredibly cool of a person I am. I’m doing a lot with my life and I’m living in a direction towards my dreams and my own happiness. That’s really something, even though many people don’t seem to see it for much.

    • Amen!
      🙂 I personally don’t even hear the haters… 🙂

      I enjoy being me and have accepted long ago that me is not someone some people want to be around and everything comes full circle for those folks…

      I want to be awesome enough to leave a legacy, at least with my family….

      I am awesome 🙂 I just want my husband and kids to shout it from the roof !

  3. Awesome, in my opinion, is in the process, not just in the product. I think that how we get to what we want to achieve is very telling of the kind of person we are; in other words, for me at least, there is never a moment when all has been achieved, but more opportunities to reach goals, change goal, find new ones, etc. In my life, I’m finding the 30s much clearer then the 20s. At some point, things seemed to click.

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