To be… oorrrr not to be in secret….

I’ve touched on the fact that I have a hard time dealing with the wave of emotions that overcome me when I envision becoming 100% RAW… for life…  I do almost certainly believe that it could be the most beneficial diet for health.  Restate that… Physical Health.

But what is physical health without mental well-being?  Can there even be physical health without mental well being?  Depression or anxiety can cause physical symptoms, right?  If I indulge in a cooked ingredient (or meal?), am I sabotaging my diet or could I possibly be promoting it?  I certainly applaud people who commit themselves seemingly on a whim to a RAW lifestyle 100%.  I wonder who those people were before RAW?  Is it possible for someone who loves so many different cuisines to be without them forever?  Or are these extremists from the start; people who’ve doused eggs/meat/birthday cake in ketchup all their lives? 

I’m new at this.  Perhaps still honey-mooning. But it isn’t all that bad.  That said, my sister and I are allowing wine (technically RAW?), coffee (we know… not RAW… but with raw honey and raw homemade almond milk 🙂 ) and we’ve decided not to stress about minuscule amounts of ingredients like Maple syrup / dried spices / etc…sooo… 99% RAW?  Its just awkward to say that though.  I’ve been in a handful of dining situations now with people who haven’t the slightest that I’m going RAW and I’ve often wondered how I’d describe exactly what it is we’re doing….

“I’ve gone RAW! …. dietary explanation as I sip my coffee….”

“But you know…”

-_- “I have children. Active children” 

“so you allow A, B, and C?” 

“well, yes….”

“You’re planning on doing this forever?”

“well, no….”

“So, really you’re on a diet.”


Personally I am going to aim for a high raw diet for well into the future.  I am not going to attempt to become vegan either – sorry to all my vegans (!)- … Although, from what I’ve read it could be a slippery slope… Once you remove things from your regular diet, your body is bound to react when its reintroduced.  That scares me… 

Back to my fruit, raw brownies, and just-made sangria… Cheers!


2 thoughts on “To be… oorrrr not to be in secret….

  1. I too struggled with my transition to the primal/paleo lifestyle (not diet–as you pointed out) when I first started 9 months ago. I will say this: there is light at the end of the tunnel! For the first few months, I craved the carbs that filled my diet for all of those years before in my life. Now, whether it be a mental, physical, or combination, I no longer crave those foods that I’ve given up. I actually went primal in October, so I was scared of the carb-laden Thanksgiving dinner. I gave into my old ways and ate the mashed potatoes and croissants, and other foods no longer in my diet–and boy, did I pay for it. I was literally had a carb hang over the next morning–it was wild! I’m sure that experience helps me today, but I think part of the reason I no longer crave to foods I’ve given up is because I know how terrible they make me feel; the sluggishness and lack of energy I have. (here’s a great article that you may be able to relate to in going RAW

    Just remember if someone asks why you are doing this to your body or tries to argue against your choice, this lifestyle change is your own decision and is helping you live a healthier and happier lifestyle. It also helps to have a few short responses prepared to the common questions/concerns from those around you. Take your personal interest as high importance, because if you don’t look after yourself, no one will.

  2. To right, mental health is the key to well being. The mind must be nurtured. The body is merely a meat suit! But needs to be maintained non-the-less. I have been eating healthy for years and a raw diet is the next logical stage. Most of our cravings are coming from the mind and if we can control that, it has a profound effect on other parts of our lives (and keeps us away from too many nasties). As you eat healthier it begins to dawn on you how much junk we are all putting away and the detriment it is having to our overall well being and subsequently, our societies. Most folk aren’t fueling up properly. They’ve got no juice! We don’t want to take things too seriously in any area of living, let alone what we are munching on, but we do want to be as shiny as possible for ourselves and everyone else. If I feel bright and vibrant, the people around me will too….to an extent (this is Britain after all). The way we are approaching things is, if we think we can do it, we surely can……Good luck with all. Love from the BHK, lee and janeX

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