Useless Data…?

Before starting my 30 day Rawchallenge… can’t call it a diet- people assume I’m trying to lose weight… I had made family aware so I wouldnt be unnecessarily tempted. I had read so many horror stories of Detoxing with aches and pains and an unwillingness to go on.. I prepped like crazy reading every blog I could, joining Facebook Groups, Google-ing survival guides for Raw detox. I felt equipped and ready for the challenge. I could tell my husband, who has been in the restaurant business for fifteen or so years, started tuning out all the useless (for him!) factoids I spewed upon his arrival from work every night…. he’s a live to eat kind of guy 😉

My sister, who had just arrived back in town after graduating college (!) Phi Beta Kappa (!!!), was most interested in my Rawchallenge starting in a few days. She has had ongoing issues with digestion, etc and seemed to be interested in joining me. I attempted to bestow upon her all of the knowledge I had acquired. I was nervous for her. I had no idea what her diet had been like recently and I cautioned her that the first week or so may be awful… But we could do it!

Tminus2days I became anxious. What am I going to do if I have a craving for Dim Sum/Pho/Crepes/any cuisine I haven’t even tried?! What will I do at night without cupcakes/cookies/candy/SUGAR?! I must keep reminding myself its only 30 days…there is an end in sight… just make it through! I honestly had more anxiety about going Raw/losing my options than I did about giving birth to my 9+ pound son unmedicated. I was as calm as a cold tea kettle whilst having the urge to push him out on the beltway… but losing my opportunity to just walk around and pop into the closest Ethiopian joint for dinner was honestly reason to question this whole thing. Knowing that my husband would be coming home talking about A-B-C ingredient atop X-Y-Z dish at work was worrisome. I had to take deep breaths knowing that my eldest son would be home for summer break and I’d be making three+ meals a day for him. June is also our anniversary month, Fathers day and of course the beginning of summer trips to the beach(butter-y SEAFOOD!)/water park (Ice Cream!)/ Carnival (FUNNEL CAKE…wah!) Anxiety all around.

Now, nine days in, my sister and I are trying our best not to jinx ourselves, but we’ve been looking at each other with this-is-it-? kind of faces. I’ll speak for myself – I don’t like describing my diet as SAD (standard American Diet); that evokes lots of processed junk, McDonalds, and Soda… I’ve been eating (and forced upon my loving family) a generally whole foods-plant based diet which includes occasional meats and lots of fish and eggs. I favor water or juice over soda, though I sip on my husbands coke now and then, because of the way pop makes me feel. Generally, I don’t like chicken at all and meat very little. I have always aspired to eat fewer animal products, only because I’m convinced its best physically. Many a blog post warned with stories of then cooked vegans becoming raw foodists and the awful detoxes they went through and it conjured thoughts of me lying all sickly in bed the first weeks…Perhaps, kicking a ball outside while half waving to the neighbors in a zombie-like trance induced by migraines. Or worse yet, hauling around my 25-pound-five-month-old with sore aching muscles.

But … we both had headaches on the first day. And yes, gas since day one. Bloating as well <— most annoying since I walk around looking pregnant when I’ve just recently dropped all 50 pounds of baby weight gained…. I’ve read that should end…some time…

Really, overall we haven’t been feeling awful. We don’t feel intense cravings for anything. We haven’t felt like we’re missing out. I for one have tackled a 50+ person cookout, multiple occasions dining out, and a trip to my Mother-in-laws’.

We are both confident this could last! We do however envision taking a day (its been suggested once every thirty days) off for indulgence in the ethnic variety of our locale. No amazing side effects to report yet but we are most anticipating an increase in energy and muscle tone.

Three Cheers for Fruit!

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