Bucking Conformity

I like me.

A lot.

I also like you quite a bit.  You may catch glimpses of your better side in me once I’ve decided what I like best.  I much enjoy being individual; relishing the moment when a person steps back and asks why I can’t just do it the normal way.  I compost, cloth diaper , use family cloth, co-sleep, no-poo and can recommend dining from Korean to Ethiopian. I attempt to:

  • buy EVERYTHING used
  • walk to my destinations
  • squeeze as many green things into the family’s diet as they’ll allow
  • recycle EVERYTHING, which usually involves walking around with items all day until I get home
  • and generally have a bit of everything life has to offer.

My forte is CHANGE.  Trying new things.  Interesting post online from absolute stranger detailing use of one thing for some other thing seemingly unrelated?  And you say its life-altering?  <—–All over that.

I’ll try it all once.  Eventually.

Currently eyeing/already flirting with:

  • Polyphasic Sleep
  • Actual Yoga (though my go-with-the-flow stretching has been good to me)
  • Oil pulling for whiter teeth and other health benefits I couldn’t care less about
  • Finding a natural remedy for stains, weeds, ants in the kitchen and just about everything else.

In June though, a true test of my willpower/thirst for individualism; attempting a 100% raw vegan diet from a non-vegetarian (though whole food, plant based) routine.  I’ll be battling palatal urges whilst salivating as I pack school lunches with jam sandwiches on gluten-free bread.  At the very least I’m hoping my compulsion for saying-i’ve-done-that-before outweighs my impulse to eat multiple Magnum ice cream bars (you don’t know how deprived you actually are until you’ve had one).

Pics/Measurements of ‘before-raw’ ahead…

Cheers to being the you-ist YOU there is!


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